TAI was created with the goal of making ‘Safety’ an interesting concept.

For our clients, training for safety is both SMART and ECONOMICAL.

We no longer conduct court ordered defensive driving classes.

We do NOT provide "In-Car" training for individuals seeking to obtain their driver's license - please click on the "In-Car" link provided on the left for a list of in-car resources.

 We do NOT provide CDL classes for individuals. See "Frequently Asked Questions".

We rented the Forestdale Lion's Club building for some of our classes - we are NOT the agent for that building - see our "Contact Us" link for the agent's phone number.

We offer a wide variety of safety and customer relations programs for our corporate clients including:

Defensive Driving &
         Defensive Driving for the Younger Drivers
                4, & 8-hour Versions available

 Defensive Driving for:
         15 Passenger Van Drivers
         School Bus Drivers
         Commercial Bus Drivers
         Metropolitan Passenger Vehicle Drivers
         Special-Needs-Van Drivers
         CDL Drivers

Commercial Drivers - Using the Log Book

Vehicle Evacuation –
             classroom and/or on vehicle.
We offer several versions of this program that are tailored to specific vehicles:
      School Busses with & w/o wheelchair passengers
      Metro Busses with & w/o wheelchair passengers
      Vans with & w/o wheelchair passenger

Emergency Vehicle Evacuation -
         classroom & on-vehicle using smoke generator,
         train sounds & timed drills.

ADA Regulations and the Transit Driver

Lift Operations Safety &
       Wheel-Chair Securement procedures.

Customer Relations & Client Sensitivity for:
              the General Staff
              or for Transit Drivers

Dealing with Disruptive & Hostile Passengers

Passenger Assistance for Transit Drivers

Workplace Harassment

Accident Documentation

Flagging & Work Zone Safety

Communication Skills for the Trainer – developing more effective trainers.

Bloodborne Pathogens and the Transit Driver

Work Place Safety:
           Personal Protective Equipment
           Back Injury Prevention and Lifting
           Fall Safety
           Fire Safety

    Follow our "Programs" link for a brief description of each programs.