TAI was created with the goal of making ‘Safety’ an interesting concept.

For our clients, training for safety is both SMART and ECONOMICAL.

We do NOT provide "In-Car" training for individuals seeking to obtain their driver's license - please click on the "In-Car" link provided on the left for a list of in-car resources.

We do offer a wide variety of safety and customer relations programs including:

Defensive Driving &
         Defensive Driving for the Younger Driver
                4, & 8-hour Versions available

 Defensive Driving for:
         15 Passenger Van Drivers
         School Bus Drivers
         Commercial Bus Drivers
         Metropolitan Passenger Vehicle Drivers
         Special-Needs-Van Drivers
         CDL Drivers

Commercial Drivers - Using the Log Book

Vehicle Evacuation –
             classroom and/or on vehicle.
We offer several versions of this program that are tailored to specific vehicles:
      School Busses with & w/o wheelchair passengers
      Metro Busses with & w/o wheelchair passengers
      Vans with & w/o wheelchair passenger

Emergency Vehicle Evacuation -
         classroom & on-vehicle using smoke generator,
         train sounds & timed drills.

ADA Regulations and the Transit Driver

Lift Operations Safety &
       Wheel-Chair Securement procedures.

Customer Relations & Client Sensitivity for:
              the General Staff
              or for Transit Drivers

Dealing with Disruptive & Hostile Passengers

Passenger Assistance for Transit Drivers

Workplace Harassment

Accident Documentation

Flagging & Work Zone Safety

Protect the Children -
        Recognizing and Dealing with Child Abuse - designed for churches but can be adapted for any organization dealing with children.

Communication Skills for the Trainer – developing more effective trainers.

Bloodborne Pathogens and the Transit Driver

Work Place Safety:
           Personal Protective Equipment
           Back Injury Prevention and Lifting
           Fall Safety
           Fire Safety

  Companies are encouraged to send individual employees to any of our DDC classes.

  Follow our "Programs" link for a brief description of our  programs.