Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:


Q - Can I pay the class fee with a credit/debit card or personal check?

 A - NO - cash or money order only.


Q - Do I need to call and reserve a spot in the class?

 A - It is strongly recommended that you call to verify that a class is scheduled for the date and location you want to attend - call to make sure our schedule has not changed, but pre-registration is not required.


 Q - Do I come to the McCalla address for a class?

 A - NO - that is our office address only - no classes conducted at that address.


Q - Do I mail the bottom of my Certificate of Completion and the money order for my court costs to the TAI mailing address (McCalla)?

 A - NO! We give you that certificate and do not want/need it back. The bottom of your certificate long with your court cost MUST be given to the court.


Q - Do I call/contact TAI to rent the Forestdale Lion's Club building?

 A - NO, we conduct classes there but are NOT the agent for renting the building. See our "Contact Us" link for the agent's phone number.


Q - Do I need to mail any money before the class date?

A - No, the class fee is made at the time of registration.  Registration is done in the half-hour before the class begins at the class location. You only pay TAI for our class fee - any other amounts are paid to the court usually after you complete the class.
Corporate or group classes can arrange payment options when they schedule the class.


Q - If the court orders me to take an 8-hour class can I take two 4-hour classes instead?

A - That is an answer you have to get from the judge.  If the judge approves this you will have to pay for two 4-hour classes and you will receive two 4-hour certificates which you will have to return to the court.


Q - If the court orders me to take a 4-hour class can I take 1/2 of an 8-hour class instead?

 A - NO.


Q - Do you have to have a driverís  license to take the course?


A - No. 


Q - When will I get my certificate?

A - For regularly scheduled 4 and 8-hour classes, the certificates are given out at the end of the class.  For our corporate or group classes, the certificates are printed and mailed usually within a week after the class.


Q - If I get a ticket can I go ahead and take the class before I talk to anyone at the court?

A - Anyone can take our class BUT not all courts honor defensive driving certificates.  You should check with someone at the court first.


Q - I was told I could get an insurance rate reduction for taking one of these classes - is that true?

A - Some insurance companies give discounts and some don't.  It doesn't hurt to ask your agent, the worse they can say is, "no."


Q - Do you get in a car and teach people to drive?

A - No, this course is class-room only. See the "In Car" link posted on our Home Page.


Q - Does TAI offer CDL classes for individuals?

A - Not usually. We are a small company with NO truck. Our CDL classes are usually conducted for companies or agencies looking for training for "groups" of people. We suggest you call your closest local community college as some of them now offer CDL programs.








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