Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:


Q - Where can I take a defensive driving class for a traffic citation?

 A - We no longer conduct court ordered defensive driving classes.


Q - Do I call/contact TAI to rent the Forestdale Lion's Club building?

 A - NO, we are NOT the agent for renting the building. See our "Contact Us" link for the agent's phone number.


Q - Do you get in a car and teach people to drive?

A - No, this course is class-room only. See the "In Car" link posted on our Home Page.


Q - Does TAI offer CDL classes for individuals?

A - Not usually. We are a small company with NO truck. Our CDL classes are usually conducted for companies or agencies looking for training for "groups" of people. We suggest you call your closest local community college as some of them now offer CDL programs.










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