Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:


Q - Can I pay the class fee with a credit/debit card or personal check?

 A - NO - cash only.

Q - Do I need to call and reserve a spot in the class?

 A - It is strongly recommended that you call to verify that a class is scheduled for the date and location you want to attend - call to make sure our schedule has not changed, but pre-registration is not required.


Q - Do I need to mail any money before the class date?

A - No, the class fee is made at the time of registration.  Registration is done in the half-hour before the class begins at the class location. You only pay TAI for our class fee - any other amounts are paid to the court usually after you complete the class.
Corporate or group classes can arrange payment options when they schedule the class.


Q - If the court orders me to take an 8-hour class can I take two 4-hour classes instead?

A - That is an answer you have to get from the judge.  If the judge approves this you will have to pay for two 4-hour classes and you will receive two 4-hour certificates which you will have to return to the court.


Q - Do you have to have a driverís  license to take the course?


A - No. 


Q - If I only need a 4-hour class can I come to just half of an 8-hour course?

A - No.


Q - When will I get my certificate?

A - For regularly scheduled 4 and 8-hour classes, the certificates are given out at the end of the class.  For our corporate or group classes, the certificates are printed and mailed usually within a week after the class.


Q - If I get a ticket can I go ahead and take the class before I talk to anyone at the court?

A - Anyone can take our class BUT not all courts honor defensive driving certificates.  You should check with someone at the court first.


Q - I was told I could get an insurance rate reduction for taking one of these classes - is that true?

A - Some insurance companies give discounts and some don't.  It doesn't hurt to ask your agent, the worse they can say is, "no."


Q - Do you get in a car and teach people to drive?

A - No, this course is class-room only.







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