Defensive Driving

We have several formats for this program
including 4 & 8 hour versions - Regular & Young Drivers.

  Defensive driving is driving to arrive safely no matter what other drivers do. 

  The course is designed for the drivers of passenger cars and light vans/trucks and can be taken in a four or eight hour time block.  All courses cover the essentials, such as attitude, speed limits & speeding,  road rage, DUI, railroad crossings, signs, lights and other markings, control of the vehicle and emergencies.  The eight hour course covers over 50 topics.

  Course content can also be customized to meet the demands of the client, or to cover special issues.  For example, delivery or utility truck drivers will see an advanced “Backing” section.  Drivers in certain geographical areas may require the “Flood Zones” section while some clients request an expanded “Driver Attitude” section.

  Individual topics can also be presented as 1-hour Safety Briefings.

  These classes, when used in fleets, result in a dramatic drop in crash incidents. 

Also available are a 4 & 8 Hour Young Driver versions - 
the YD program was created for drivers from 15 to 25 years of age.

'Live to Drive - Drive to Live'
Defensive Driving for the Younger Driver

  Younger drivers have a different mind-set.  This program attempts to connect with these individuals on their level.  We address peer pressure, distractions, inexperience and other related topics.







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