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  TAI is an Alabama based company established in 1999. We teach a variety of safety programs which include our four and eight-hour Defensive Driving Classes along with our four and eight-hour Young-Drivers Defensive Driving Classes. These classes are  appropriate for companies wishing to hone the mental driving skills of their employees. We also offer CDL Defensive Driving Classes for commercial drivers - please call our office to schedule a CDL DDC.

  Numerous city and county municipalities use TAI’s programs to help with their insurance requirements and to reduce their number of accidents.

  We also teach corporate safety programs for many companies, corporations, and state agencies in Alabama.

   TAI does not believe in a ‘pre-packaged one-size-fits-all’ program for our corporate clients.  We do have standard four-hour, six-hour, and eight-hour courses that are preferred by many of our clients but have also developed courses to fit the time constraints and/or special needs for individual customers.
Let us develop one for you.

Many segments of our programs can be presented as 1-hour Safety Briefings.

  TAI was created with the goal of making ‘Safety’ an interesting concept that those taking the classes would want to strive for.  After all, being SAFE is the SMART thing to do.

See our Instructor Page for information regarding these motivated people.

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