Passenger Assistance, Service & Safety

This interactive program is designed to involve the drivers in a discussion of the problems faced by all providers of private or public transportation along with different solutions and avenues.

The hands-on sections include a "Blind Ride" as well as practice with the lifts and tie-downs.

Because of the number of topics included in this program the time required to adequately cover the material is a minimum of three (3) 8-hour days.  

Following is a partial list of the topics:
“Stress & Attitude”
“Dressing for the Job”
“Dealing with Older and/or Disabled Passengers”
“A Day on the Road as a Professional Driver”
“Communicating with Passengers with Disabilities”
“Dealing with the Rider’s Family”
“Disruptive Passengers”
“Physical and Non-Physical Self Defense”
“Using and Reading: Tone of Voice & Facial Expressions”
"Lifts & Securement"
"Blood Borne Pathogens"
"Dealing with Emergencies"
"Things a Driver Can and Cannot Do”

These topics can be split-up and presented in half-day segments to accommodate the training time frame available.

This program is presented by CTAA PASS certified instructors and does require that PASS Workbooks be purchased from CTAA.







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